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Elaine Shannon has produced an amazing story, a triumph of investigative reporting and storytelling. “Hunting Paul Leroux” inhabits a global world of crime and policing that very few people have even heard of, much less understand. It reveals not just the newest of methods, but a cast of characters who could only exist in modern times, equally proficient with weapons and computers. There’s nothing else quite like it.
— Mark Bowden (Huế 1968, Blackhawk Down, Killing Pablo)
The New Now of transnational crime. Elaine Shannon’s incisive, you-are-there account of  cyber-crime syndicate godfather, Paul Calder LeRoux, is a scorching, hair-raising glimpse into a new kind of criminal who’s altogether terrifying because he’s altogether real.
— Dennis LeHane (Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone, Shutter Island)
This book just blew my mind! Elaine Shannon is a great writer and “Hunting Leroux” is an incredibly well written & researched page turner — and her subject, Paul Leroux, makes Don Corleone look like a peanut salesman by comparison.
— Stephen Adly Guigis (Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and author of Between Riverside and Crazy)
Elaine Shannon’s Hunting LeRoux is an investigative masterpiece. It’s the most-comprehensive look at the inner workings of a complex high-level D.E.A. operation ever put on paper. It’s a fascinating look at an international crime syndicate and the charismatic and lethal next-generation crime lord who weaponized the internet to build a new kind of empire. Paul LeRoux is a calculating, cold-blooded killer and one of the most-intrguing and frightening criminals I’ve ever read about. It’s a testament to Shannon’s skill as a writer that she fuels the novel with such a detailed preoccupation with process that Hunting LeRoux reads like a propulsive page-turning thriller. Exhaustively researched, meticulously documented and with exclusive access to almost all of the key players on both sides of the law, this is the definitive work on the rise and fall of malign actor Paul Leroux and also a jaw-dropping crime saga. Shannon takes the reader inside the story so that you’re in the room, on the hunt and dead-center in the middle of the action with elite D.E.A. agents operating without borders in a tense and dangerous global manhunt to take down a 21st century criminal kingpin. It’s stunning work by a master investigative journalist.
— Don Winslow (The Cartel, The Border) 

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